Descendant of Earth

Earth is a violent, inhospitable and uninhabitable planet that humanity is stuck in orbit around.

There is one key rule that citizens of the orbital city have to follow when flying: avoid Earth, and do not enter its atmosphere. When Kara Lin’s damaged ship plummets towards the planet, she is sure that death awaits her. But things are not quite what they seem, and Kara discovers that everything she has been told about humanity’s past is not quite true.

Descendant of Earth is a short story by Chris Phethean. Read the tale below, and follow him on Twitter for updates about future work!
Descendant of Earth by Chris Phethean Cover

Chris Phethean

Chris Phethean is a short story author and novelist. He writes children's fantasy, science fiction and adventure stories. He dreams of writing full-time one day, whether that is fiction novels, food writing or forming narratives for video games. Or maybe all three.