About Chris Phethean

Chris Phethean  is a writer and the author of The Magic of Christmas, a children’s adventure novel available now through Amazon. He grew up in England and as a child was constantly inspired by what was around him in the countryside, or on TV, or in a book. He still finds that any new experience will spark yet another story idea in his mind without warning.

Apart from writing (and reading), Chris enjoys cooking, follows football passionately, and likes to absorb himself in story-driven videogames when time affords a moment of relaxation. He has a PhD from the University of Southampton following his 45,000 word thesis on social media use by charities.

As well as the worlds that breed his ideas, Chris dreams about writing full-time in the future, and writing narratives for other media – particularly video games. Having spent a good part of his teenage years absorbed in the interactive stories on offer behind the screen, he is passionate about working to bring his own ideas to games.

Chris has completed the NaNoWriMo challenge (to write a 50,000 word novel in the 30 days of November) three times. The first entry was ‘The Magic of Christmas’, and he is editing his 2016 entry titled ‘The Fire That Scorched The Sky’ with the hope of obtaining representation. His 2017 story is a Christmas sequel, titled ‘The Spirit of Christmas’, and tells the next chapter of George Thomas’ Christmas adventure.