About Chris Phethean

Fiction author writing fantasy, sci-fi and adventure novels and short stories.

Chris Phethean is a fiction writer looking to turn years of dreaming up and creating imaginary worlds into stories to share with the real world. Chris grew up on the South coast of England, and as a child would regularly be inspired by what was around him - walks through the countryside, trips to the seaside, family holidays, books, television, the news. He started writing at this point, but in his youth could not keep his attention focused on any one idea long enough before another would take over and demand his entire imagination. But a number of these ideas have stayed with him and grown over the years since then, and are now at the point where they've developed into full story outlines, ready to be written. Now when the ideas hit, they are noted down and allowed to develop.

Apart from writing (and reading), Chris enjoys cooking, follows football passionately, and likes to absorb himself in story-driven videogames when time affords a moment of relaxation. He recently received a PhD from the University of Southampton following his 45,000 word thesis on social media use by charities.

As well as the worlds that breed his ideas, Chris dreams about writing full-time in the future, and writing narratives for other media - particularly video games. Having spent a good part of his teenage years absorbed in the interactive stories on offer behind the screen, he is passionate about working to bring his own ideas to games.

Chris is currently editing his first novel, 'The Magic of Christmas' that was written as part of NaNoWriMo2015, and his next adventure,  under the codename 'Exile', is also underway. To follow his journey, and to hear the latest news about future releases, please see the blog page and follow him on Twitter.