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Excerpt from Aftermath: Life Debt

Aftermath: Life Debt Excerpt

This week we got a new look at the sequel to last year’s Star Wars Aftermath novel by Chuck Wendig, which is due out this summer. If you haven’t read the original, it tells the story following Return of the Jedi, about an unlikely group of heroes that come together to fight against some remaining members of the crumbling Empire. The sequel, Aftermath: Life Debt follows the same characters, but it seems they will be teaming up with some familiar faces.

Entertainment Weekly released an excerpt of the book, and right at the end, a character that the group encounters has the following line of dialogue:

“Name’s Han Solo. Captain of the Millennium Falcon. Who the hell are you?”

Han Solo appears to have a central role in the book! Now, if you have read the original Aftermath novel, you will know that Han and Chewie popped up in one of the small interludes that wove their way throughout the story. They were on a mission for the New Republic when they are interrupted and decide to head to Kashyyyk (Chewie’s homeworld) to assist with the liberation of the Wookies. This is all we hear of that particular adventure. If Life Debt is going to focus on this as the main plot, then consider me excited.

Given the time period – Aftermath came before the Battle of Jakku so is within a year of the end of the original trilogy – this is Han Solo pre Kylo Ren. Pre the birth of Ben Solo (apparently he was born around a year after Endor). But this is Han Solo still being Han Solo. Going a bit ‘rogue’. Doing his own thing. I wonder how Leia will take all of this, especially if the birth of Ben is close or even covered during the novel. Will Han have to choose between helping his best friend and co-pilot Chewie, and being there with Leia for the birth of their son? I think we could be on for some family drama and tension in the Solo household..!

Aftermath: Life Debt is released in July 2016, and will definitely be one that I will check out. It will help pass the time until Rogue One, which brings me on to:

Rogue One Theorising

On another note, it’s been another week, and I’ve come across another bit of speculation around Rogue One and the mysterious villain I discussed last week. I read an article on StarWarsNewsNet which also discusses the possibility of this being a “new” version of Thrawn, but after some analysis of the insignia on the character’s uniform they have deduced that this is not a Grand Admiral. Of course it could be that Thrawn does not yet have this rank, but I think I am convinced that this character is someone else. The SWNN article goes on to pose an interesting theory that it is a high-ranking member of the Imperial Security Bureau – the Empire’s law enforcement and intelligence agency – and they provide some compelling evidence to support their claim. I would definitely recommend their article!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Aftermath, and do you think we’ll see a Solo family row? Will we get the birth of Ben Solo? And who is this mysterious villain in Rogue One? What’s the best theory that you’ve heard or come up with?


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