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A new year, a new short story: Descendant of Earth.

2016. It has been busy already. It is crazy how long it feels like it has been since Christmas. Time has not been easy to find as my workload seems to have rocketed, and energy levels are certainly dwindling like the weak winter sun when I do seem to be able to sit down to some writing. Battling that tiredness is the fire that is my determination, whose flame I am stoking with the incentives of short story competitions with themes that are grabbing my imagination and creating an insistent drive within my head to get something produced.

14 days into the new year, and the first product of this – Descendant of Earth – ┬áis off and weaving its way to the inbox of Arizona State University’s 2016 Climate Fiction Short Story Contest judges. It is 4981 words of an idea that came to me as soon as I read the brief. It portrays a future where Earth has been destroyed by climate change, although to the residents of several orbital platforms above the planet, this isn’t quite the truth they know…

There are a few more competitions that I’m looking to enter soon, one requiring stories of exactly 100 words. 100! I have an idea for one already, but might put together a few. For now, I have my fingers crossed for Descendant of Earth.

Now, if Amazon had delivered the book they were supposed to today, I would have some more to post about here… but as apparently they couldn’t, despite me being in at the time, that will have to wait for another day…


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