National Poetry Day: “Friday Afternoon Thesis Writing” – A random bit of writing I did during my thesis

Twitter informs me that today is ‘National Poetry Day’. Now, writing poetry isn’t something that I do… however it reminded me of something I wrote one Friday afternoon last year while I should have been writing my PhD thesis. This really is weird. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time, but I threw it on Facebook anyway. It must be the madness that can only be caused by writing up a PhD. If you are writing yours at the moment, I feel your pain! But you can do it!

Anyway, here goes, here is my crazy lunchtime contribution to #NationalPoetryDay…

Friday Afternoon Thesis Writing:

Some days thesis writing is such a bore,
And your head feels really sore,
Everything else seems so much better,
You don’t want to type another letter.
You try to focus but only fail,
Wondering whether or not to bail.
It would be so easy, but such a waste
No good could come from such haste.
So you think about all you’ve done,
The work, the play and lots of fun.
Trips abroad, both big and small,
You realise it’s been worth it, after all.
You shake the boredom from your head,
It’s too early to go to bed,
Turn up your music, and sit up straight,
You must try now before it’s late,
And so you get back to work,
The Universe begins to smirk,
It knows it first, before you do
That you will never see it through.
It doesn’t take long,
Not even one song,
The weekend has started,
Your brain departed.

Chris Phethean is a writer and blogger. He is working on a range of sci-fi, fantasy and adventure stories, and dreams of writing interactive narratives for video games. Find him on and Twitter.


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