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So, the page listing what I’m working on is probably the most important thing on this site. These are all ideas that I have planned to various levels, and I’m working on developing many of them further. A couple of points:

  • The ideas may change over time as I develop them further, and
  • I have no idea about when each of these will be written.

For ‘Exile’, I have the book completely planned out for a first draft. I’m writing it now. In my head I see there being a trilogy in this universe – it is the most developed of all of them.

I’m also writing a few things for short story competitions. I’ll update the page as and when these materialise into anything concrete.

Finally, and this really is dependent on time, success with other writing commitments (see point about Exile above), and my level of festive enthusiasm come the latter months of the year, but I may just have something festively themed brewing away in the back of my head. (Yes, I know it is August. I had an idea, and it wouldn’t go away, alright?)

I hope you enjoy following my journey!

Chris Phethean is a writer and blogger. He is working on a range of sci-fi, fantasy and adventure stories, and dreams of writing interactive narratives for video games. Find him on and Twitter.


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