Chris Phethean

Chris Phethean is a short story author and novelist. He writes children's fantasy, science fiction and adventure stories. He dreams of writing full-time one day, whether that is fiction novels, food writing or forming narratives for video games. Or maybe all three. More...

What if Christmas was lost to the world forever?

What if an evil force threatened the magic of every child’s favourite time of year?

Eleven year old George Thomas learns he has a magical gift - given to him by none other than Father Christmas himself. As George and his family enjoy the run up to Christmas, a dark threat begins to cast a shadow over the festivities. It is down to George to save Christmas from those who hate the festive season and its true meaning.

Travelling to spectacular ice palaces, enchanted forests and festive workshops, George, along with new found friends, races to learn the extent of his own power. With time running out as Christmas Day approaches, he must delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding Christmas and face a terrible decision that only he can make in order to save the magic of Christmas.

Curl up and travel with George to live the Christmas spirit. The Magic of Christmas is a heart-warming and exciting story of one boy’s remarkable adventure. It is a story of family, friendship and trust - and of good versus evil. Classic ingredients for a rollicking good tale! This is a story with Christmas at its very heart.