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About Chris Phethean

Chris is a fiction author working on fantasy, sci-fi and adventure novels, short stories, and food-related thoughts.

Chris Phethean  grew up on the South coast of England, and as a child would regularly be inspired by what was around him – walks through the countryside, trips to the seaside, family holidays, books, television, the news. He still finds that any new experience can spark a completely new story in his mind without warning. Now when the ideas hit, they are noted down and allowed to develop.

Apart from writing (and reading), Chris enjoys cooking, follows football passionately, and likes to absorb himself in story-driven videogames when time affords a moment of relaxation. He has a PhD from the University of Southampton following his 45,000 word thesis on social media use by charities.

As well as the worlds that breed his ideas, Chris dreams about writing full-time in the future, and writing narratives for other media – particularly video games. Having spent a good part of his teenage years absorbed in the interactive stories on offer behind the screen, he is passionate about working to bring his own ideas to games.

Chris has self-published his first novel, ‘The Magic of Christmas’, that was written as part of NaNoWriMo2015, and is editing his 2016 entry titled ‘The Fire That Scorched The Sky’.

The Magic of Christmas – a story by Chris Phethean

What if Christmas was lost to the world forever?

What if an evil force threatened the magic of every child’s favourite time of year?

Eleven year old George Thomas learns he has a magical gift - given to him by none other than Father Christmas himself. As George and his family enjoy the run up to Christmas, a dark threat begins to cast a shadow over the festivities. It is down to George to save Christmas from those who hate the festive season and its true meaning.

Travelling to spectacular ice palaces, enchanted forests and festive workshops, George, along with new found friends, races to learn the extent of his own power. With time running out as Christmas Day approaches, he must delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding Christmas and face a terrible decision that only he can make in order to save the magic of Christmas.

Curl up and travel with George to live the Christmas spirit. The Magic of Christmas is a heart-warming and exciting story of one boy’s remarkable adventure. It is a story of family, friendship and trust - and of good versus evil. Classic ingredients for a rollicking good tale! This is a story with Christmas at its very heart.

The Magic of Christmas

The Story Continues...

Chris is currently finalising plans for the next book in the series: The Spirit of Christmas. Check back for more information!

The Fire That Scorched The Sky

Lost, scared and alone, would you survive the north?

The skies over the North lie dark and empty. The Gods have not returned to guide the villagers through the long Night. With their faith tested, the hopes of the village turn to an old ritual. A boy is chosen to brave the perilous mountain terrain, the wild northern tribes and the cold curse of winter in the hope that he can find the source of the Aurora and contact the Gods. With danger at every turn he discovers unlikely companions, mysterious powers and a growing threat unlike anything his village has ever faced before. It is up to him to save the village, or see it shrouded in darkness forever.

The Fire That Scorched The Sky is a children’s adventure novel be Chris Phethean. Follow him on Twitter for updates on its progress!

The Fire That Scorched The Sky by Chris Phethean

Dreams and Mirrors – A Thriller by Chris Phethean

When you can't sleep, are you awake in someone else's dream?

A Japanese legend states that if you are lying awake at night, unable to sleep, it is because you are awake in someone else's dream. It is an old legend, passed down through the ages, weaving its mysterious charm through the hearts of romantics and optimists for generations. But the creators of that particular tale had not yet understood something. They had got it wrong.

It was not that the insomniac was awake in someone else's dreams.

It was that the person whose life they would glimpse through their own dream was not yet awake.

Dreams and Mirrors is the new work in progress by author Chris Phethean. Follow him on Twitter for updates on its progress!
Dreams and Mirrors by Chris Phethean